"Vivre avec les Éléphants" ("Living with Elephants") is a non-profit association, which aims at work towards establishing a sustainable living together between humans and elephants.  Drawing on knowledge and know-how owned and implemented by local populations who daily live and work with pachyderms, the association is engaged in a cultural and pragmatic approach to conservation.


To reach its goal "Vivre avec les Éléphants" conducts a broad range of actions (educational, cultural, and scientific) which aimed at documenting and valorizing experience-based knowledge and know-how related to pachyderms (including professionals, elephant-keepers and trainers).


By undertaking various projects and actions, the association intends to: 

  • Document, valorize, and disseminate local knowledge related to elephants and biodiversity;
  • Raise awareness about the environment and the fate of elephants;
  • Ensure the continuity of the bonds and relationships  between human and elephants by supporting and/or        implementing  sustainable and responsible  development projects ;
  • Improve the wellfare  of elephants living among human societies;
  • Protect free-ranging elephants and their habitats;
  • Conduct studies and research.